Pripovedka o nastanku Čadrga

On this roundabout we will return to the spiritual past of Soča valley. We will remember grandfathers and grandmothers and local cultural and spiritual heritage.

We will connect to nature and to our ancestors, we will search for the signs of an ancient force, so called Nikrmana, and try to connect to it.

We will head to Čadrg, passing the gorgeous Tolminska gorge and Zadlaška (or Dante’s) cave. The way to Čadrg takes us about 2 hours, so we’ll stop on the way for some delicious homemade štrudel (sweet apple-nut pie) and coffee (or tea). 

Once in Čadrg, we’ll try local cheese and visit the local cheese dairy.

We’ll have a stroll to the fantastic belvedere called Žlejžn, stopping on the way to special places that were of  great significance to our ancestors, places of worship and connection to the Earth and Sky and that is exactly what we will try to do too.

After we return to the village, we’ll have a traditional shepherd meal; jota (cabbage-potato thick soup). After lunch, we will make a simple souvenir as a form of relaxation and to have a taste of an old tradition, called felting.

And then it will be time for the descent down to the river Tolminka, 400 meters below, in the beautiful valley of Polog, where we’ll hitch the local bus ride to Tolmin.


From 75 euro per person.

It includes:

  • a guide 
  • diary tour and degustation of cheese
  • lunch in Čadrg
  • snack on the way 
  • drive to Tolmin
  • (drive to Čadrg and back in the easier alternative, which only takes 4 hours)


Throughout the year (possible some adjustments out of the main season). In order to organize, the reservation is necessary.


About eight hours all together, 5 hours of walking. The easier alternative is taking a car to Čadrg and back (1,5 walk).


2 – 8 hikers

Meeting point

Parking lot P2 or from somewhere in Tolmin center.


Slovene / English


You will need good hiking shoes and sportswear. Of course don’t forget your water bottle.

Paths and roads we’ll be taking lead through forest and consist of some steep slopes and descents, that’s why it is suitable only for experienced hikers.

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