We will take you to where Duga baba once lived!

Let’s go hug a tree and sit among its roots, let’s go to listen to blue river melodies, let’s go make memories!COME ON A ROUNDABOUT WITH US :))

Duga baba’s roundabout

Do you want to know who Duga baba is and where she once lived? We will take you there and on the way we’ll  tell you all about how she fell in love with the giant of her dreams and how she found a bunch of new animal friends.

“To the roots” roundabout

On this roundabout we will return to the spiritual past of our Soča valley. We will remember our grandfathers and grandmothers and our cultural and spiritual heritage.

Urban walk

After a two-hour walk through Tolmin or Most na Soči, we get to know interesting inhabitants, history, geographical features …