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Ambisontia is located on the southern edge of the Triglav National Park, in the so-called Julian Alps biosphere reserve. Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia, 84,000 hectares. The biosphere area of ​​the Julian Alps includes an additional strip around the park, together with the Triglav National Park there are almost 200,000 hectares. The Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve was the first biosphere reserve in Slovenia. It is characterized by maintaining a balance between people and nature, between biodiversity and sustainable development by preserving cultural values.

In Ambisontia we follow the characteristics of the biosphere reserve, we work in harmony with nature:

  • We adapt the programs to each group in such a way that they are implemented in the vicinity of the participants’ accommodation so that there are as few car transports as possible and we leave behind the lowest possible carbon footprint.
  • The programs are implemented in the area outside the central part of the park.
  • We walk along well-kept paths where we do not endanger plants and animals.
  • We make sure that the paths we use are maintained and that anyone can use them.
  • With this we follow the goal of redirecting part of the hike from TNP to its periphery.
  • We include the cultural and technical heritage of the area in our programs.
  • We teach participants about the sensitivity of the environment and care for its preservation.

Our main goal is to preserve our heritage, care for the planet and the sustainable development of the area.