part 1

Marv the Dwarf is really a gnome. His size is of a human thumb, even though this thumb would most probably belong to a burly lumberjack. Still, a thumb is a thumb.

Marv, because he was recognized as a MARVellous storyteller and indeed he is, as you will soon see for yourself.

And the Dwarf, because he is a proud and exceptionally tall descendant of tall-grown gnomes from the north and he is not the first to proudly claim this name in his family. Certainly he is one of the tallest, taller even than his great great grandfather Dwarf, who was a legend among gnomes in this particular aspect. 

His height could make him look fearsome to an average gnome, but his kindness and gentle manners quickly extinguish such a first impression. As all of his male kind, he is extremely proud of his hat and his long gray beard. The colour and the size of the gnome’s hat tells a lot of its owner to an accomplished observer. Of course there aren’t many human observers, because gnomes don’t like to show themselves to humans. They don’t trust us, and they have some pretty good reasons not to. But they do sometimes make an appearance for human children, sometimes to help them find their way out of the forest, if they got lost, sometimes only to hear a child’s laughter. Gnomes adore laughing and indulge in joking like no other species. They made very few exceptions when it comes to approaching an adult human, but it had happened. Every single time it was a person, who other people would describe as weird or a bit nutty and wouldn’t be taken seriously if he or she would start talking about an encounter with a gnome by the name Marv the Dwarf one fine evening on the top of the Senica hill…

Next time I will tell you what happened that day.

And you can believe it… Or not ;))

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