Hey you, who got enough of city crowd and who got tired from work. Burnout, stress and mental exhaustion is something we live with. But we should get some rest too.

Forest provides good opportunity to find your inner balance and peace of mind, to regenerate, to fill your batteries.

We will take drawing supplies and go to the forest. We fill search for interesting motives, give ourselves to the voices, scent of the forest, hug trees, maybe try to climb them.

Experience show that painting or drawing helps you to focus. Your mind will focus to the selected motive and you will relax naturally.

You don’t need to be experienced in drawing or painting. It will come to you as a surprise how good you might be in art even if you held the paintbrush for the last time in primary school.

We will provide all the necessary accessories. You just need good shoes and clothes that allow you to get dirty in the forest.

Please, contact us for additional information.